Live Dealer Casinos are Still Relatively New

The first live dealer casino was created by Playtech in 2003. They presented players with the chance to play with real life dealers online, however, it didn’t quite work out. In 2003, people still had slow and dial-up Internet connections, so live dealer games didn’t quite catch on.

As technology improved other companies like Microgaming and Evolution Gaming started to offer live dealer games and with improvements in Internet connections, players started to be drawn to live dealer games.

There are 3 Types of Live Dealer Casinos

Actual casino streams are games that are recorded live from a real casino. You are seated next to a live player that is playing at the casino that your game is recorded in. You can chat with people and play games that are managed by the actual casino’s manager, dealers and employees.

The most common live dealer casino is those streamed from a dealer studio. The studio is built and dedicated to streaming live dealer games. All the camera views, lightening, zooms and interaction have all been optimised for online play.

The last type of live dealer casino is television broadcasted games. These live dealer games are cast over the web and TV and you are able to play from either platform.

Live Dealer Casinos Do Have a Pit Boss

Live dealer casinos do have a pit boss just like a land-based casino because of this.

The pit boss is there to handle any problems that may arise due to the actions of the dealer and it is the pit boss that will make the final decision on a situation.

There is More Than One Camera in Live Dealer Games

A live dealer casino game uses multiple cameras. One camera will be a close up of the dealer, another will be a wider-angle view of the dealer, another camera will look at the game close up and there is a different camera, which will give a wider view of the game.

Players will be able to switch between different camera angles to get the view that they want and watch the action close-up.

Live Dealer Casinos Are Better for You

Think about this…land-based casinos have thousands of people coming through their doors every day and many people will sit at the table games.

Casino tables get covered in plenty of bodily fluids from people sweating, sneezing and coughing. So, as you can imagine, land-based casino tables are not the most hygienic, which makes online live dealer casinos better for you.

You have control over your environment and how clean it is.

Live Casino Software and Games

The locations that the software providers use can actually influence the live dealer games that they offer.

For instance, you may only find Sic Bo from providers that have a studio in Asia.

There are Two Types of Tables

General play tables are a common choice and is where the casino shares the table and dealer with other casinos. You will not be able to chat to the other players but you are able to chat the dealer at these tables.

Dedicated tables and dealers are chosen by the casino operator. These tables are in a separate area and are fully branded by the casino. Only players from their casino can play at these tables.